Server & Storage management
Cosmgenic has extensive experience in assisting organisations with procuring and setting up custom servers for many purposes. Cosmogenic is also able to manage your servers day to day running and assist you with policy development relating to your servers.
  • Purchase servers and software licenses
    Cosmogenic have partnered with a number of well known organisations to bring you great pricing and support for your server hardware and software.
  • Install, configure, and upgrade your Microsoft and Linux servers
    Our engineers have extensive experience with all types of Windows and Linux servers, including:
    • Email servers, using Microsoft Exchange, Sendmail, and Postfix, including anti-spam and anti-virus filtering and integration with mobile devices such as iPhones and Blackberries
    • Calendaring servers, using Microsoft Exchange
    • File servers, using Microsoft servers, and Samba on Linux
    • Collaboration services, using Microsoft SharePoint and various Wiki software
    • Database servers, running Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL and MySQL
    • Thin-client servers, using Microsoft Remote Desktop Services
    • Proxy cache servers, using Squid, to save on Internet bandwidth
    • Security appliances, including Fortinet and ContentKeeper
    • and more.
  • Provide systems administration services
    We can install, upgrade, and configure all types of software. Using network device monitoring technologies we are able to implement tracking of common issues associated with servers so that action can be taken before service is lost. Our engineers are also able to provide user management services.
  • Troubleshoot problems with your servers
    Servers that are performing poorly affect the efficiency of your business. Our team of experienced engineers can take problem reports from users, identify the causes, and fix the issues users are experiencing,
  • Create redundancy for your servers
    Using virtualisation we are able to replicate your production servers to ensure that there is minimal downtime in the event of hardware failure.
  • Develop IT policies
    With our experience in IT we can assist you in selecting and documenting policies around the appropriate use of server resources. We are also able to implement strategies to ensure policies are followed. For example we are able to restrict access to certain web sites, we can limit the size of incoming mail messages, or we can restrict access to server functions using group policies.
  • Audit servers
    Cosmogenic is able to audit your servers to ensure that any software installed is licensed and meets your appropriate use policies. NetCraft can also audit server hardware to ensure that appropriate maintenance agreements are current.
  • Deploy and maintain backup systems
    Data loss can cost your business a significant amount of time and money, whether it's from hardware failure, or accidental or malicious actions. NetCraft can work with you to determine your data retention needs and based on those needs set up a system that allows you to retrieve your data quickly when required.
  • Implement centralised user management
    Microsoft Active Directory and LDAP are technologies that allow users to have a single user name and password to access all your networked servers. These technologies also manage group permissions for users to ensure that they only have access to applications and information required to do their job.

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